Forensic examiner: ‘No evidence of murder’

Forensic Examiner is a weekly column that covers crime and forensic science news from India.

The Indian government has ordered a review of forensic examinations performed by coronavirus experts in the country.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Health Ministry said that the review has been ordered by the state health department and it will be carried out by a forensic medical officer, who will be appointed by the health minister.

The ministry said that in all the cases, there was no evidence of a murder or any evidence of foul play, adding that it was also seeking the views of the public on whether there was any need to examine the deaths of the victims.

It said the review would be conducted with a view to recommending the appropriate procedures for future examinations and will also be directed to the district and district magistrate for the inspection of such forensic examination performed by a medical officer in the national capital. 

The Ministry said the purpose of the review was to make sure that forensic examinations are conducted in a safe and professional manner, according to the statement.

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