Which forensic examiners earn the most?

Forensics examiners, also known as forensic examists, are the primary workers in the coronavirus investigation.

They are responsible for taking samples from victims and analyzing the samples to find the cause of death.

Forensics also collect and analyze body fluids, blood, tissue samples and other evidence, and work alongside coronaviral specialists in the field to identify possible viral signatures.

In addition to their duties as a forensic examiner, they also perform other roles including in coronaviruses prevention, testing and control.

A forensic examiner’s salary can range from $150,000 to $180,000 per year.

Below are the top 25 forensic examining salaries, according to a report published by the National Association of State Coroners Commissioners.1.

Robert B. Davis, Forensic Examiner, Virginia Commonwealth University2.

Joseph E. Salles, Forensic Investigator, Southern Methodist University3.

John A. Hough, Forensic Scientist, University of California, Davis4.

James J. Hovis, Forensic Technician, California Department of Justice5.

James E. Ketchum, Forensic Lab Technician, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases6.

Andrew J. Lavergne, Forensic Laboratory Technician, United States Army7.

Mark A. Langdon, Forensic Assistant, Michigan State University8.

Peter M. Lavin, Forensic Pathologist, California State University, Fresno9.

James R. McNulty, Forensic Forensic Examiner (emergency), Pennsylvania State University10.

John W. Mullins, Forensic Engineer, United Kingdom11.

Michael J. Naylor, Forensic Technologist, University at Buffalo12.

Jeffrey A. O’Sullivan, Forensic Associate, University College London13.

Paul J. Pardue, Forensic Specialist, University Medical School, London14.

William F. Peters, Forensic Inspector, Massachusetts Institute of Technology15.

John P. Peterson, Forensic Analyst, Georgia State University16.

William C. Prentice, Forensic Science Technician, University Of Maryland, College Park17.

Robert W. Preston, Forensic Tech., Massachusetts Institute Of Technology18.

Daniel R. Reisner, Forensic Doctor, Virginia State Police19.

David L. Reynolds, Forensic Nurse, United Way20.

Timothy R. Reilly, Forensic Biologist, United State Department Of Health And Human Services21.

Robert J. Riley, Forensic Historian, Massachusetts Medical School22.

Peter A. Rizzo, Forensic Psychiatrist, University University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill23.

David E. Riggs, Forensic Medical Examiner, United Methodist Church24.

Donald A. Roberts, Forensic Toxicologist, American Academy Of Forensic Medicine25.

Stephen W. Robinson, Forensic Psychologist, Virginia Beach College of Pharmacy

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