The first woman to be tested for breast cancer in Ireland

Two women have been tested for cancer after they left Ireland and were found to have cancerous cells in their breasts.

The Irish Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that a woman in her 50s and a woman aged 60 who were found in hospital were both diagnosed with cancer on Tuesday.

The woman, who had travelled to Dublin from Glasgow, has been in hospital since Monday.

The woman was treated in hospital and is now in stable condition.

The second woman was found in Glasgow and is also in stable conditions.

The two women are both Irish nationals and the first woman tested has a British passport.

The health authorities are awaiting results of the tests to confirm the women’s identities.

The cancer test is not the first of its kind in Ireland.

In May, two women in their 50s were diagnosed with breast cancer after travelling to Ireland and returning to the UK.

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