The best-preserved medical specimens from the Bellefontaine medical examiner’s exam

It was a day of celebration for the Bellefonte Medical Examiner’s Office.

The department’s newest addition, a new $1.3 million digital scanner, and a $3 million new X-ray scanner were all on display.

The medical examiner is also bringing in new equipment and software to help it get back to the basics, including a new computerized, interactive exam system, a $300,000 expansion of its digital image processing, and an updated software suite that includes a new facial recognition system.

As for the new equipment, it’s not exactly groundbreaking, but it will allow the medical examiner to continue its use of the old x-ray machines, which are also old and hard to operate.

The new scanner, however, will allow for a more precise examination of tissues.

A new camera will also be able to scan larger specimens, which means more accurate results.

This is a much faster way of doing the exam and it will make the process of performing the examination faster and easier for us,” said Christine Schafer, a medical examiner for the agency.

The X-rays will be sent to the medical laboratory in New Brunswick, where it will be processed and sent to a lab in Newark for further analysis.

The digital image scanning will allow investigators to see how the tissues are affected by different medical conditions, like infection or trauma.

The new system will also allow investigators more accurate diagnoses of different types of tumors and other conditions.

Schafer said the medical exam will still need to be done in person, but she said the digital image technology will be easier to use.

In addition to the new scanner and digital image scanner, the medical staff is also making improvements to the X-Ray and ultrasound systems.”

We’re very excited about what we can do with those,” Schafer said.”

The Xrays and ultrasound can really go a long way to helping us do this and make the medical exams more accurate and more accessible,” she said.

For now, the new system is being used primarily for physical exam exams, but in the future it will become the standard for medical examiners across the state.”

It’s definitely the best way to do this exam, so hopefully we can use it for other types of examinations in the state,” Schafersaid.

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