Medical examiners to investigate allegations of child sex abuse

The county medical examiner’s office will investigate allegations that a boy was abused in a remote part of rural Tasmania.

The county medical officer of inquiry (MCOI) said he was not aware of any allegations of abuse in the area, which is in the north of Tasmania.

The investigation will look at allegations of sexual abuse, and will examine the history of child sexual exploitation in the region, the MCOI said in a statement on Friday.

Mr Haggerty said the investigation would be conducted by the MCOs regional director, Dr David Jansen.

“I’m aware of the report, which has been prepared by Dr Jansen, and we will conduct our own investigation, including interviewing witnesses and any relevant agencies,” he said.

Dr Jansen did not provide any further details on the investigation.

Mr Haganty said he would “look to the MCOCI for advice” on whether it should refer the matter to the Tasmanian Attorney-General’s Office.

The incident occurred on March 28, 2019.

The boy was at a campground with his friend and his uncle.

They went to a small house where Mr Haganterys mother lived.

She allegedly told him she was going to bring him home, but the two boys ran away.

“It was a terrifying time,” he told the ABC.

A short time later, the boy told his mother what had happened.

He said he saw Mr Haggerts uncle get a knife and “stab him”.

The boy said he went to the campsite to get help and was then forced to go back inside his tent to get some water.

Police were called to the scene and arrested two men on suspicion of the abuse.

Mr Jansen said the incident was reported to the local police but that they were unable to contact the boy because the boys name was not published on police websites.

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