‘I think it was a big hit’: Peterborough examiner says ‘the game is over’

Peterborough, Ontario, Nov. 9, 2017 — A judge has ruled that the Pittsburgh Pirates did not commit the misconduct of the players they allowed to participate in the World Series last November, according to an Examiner report.

The ruling came Tuesday in a case involving the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Baseball Club have been in arbitration since June 2018, and have both agreed to a contract extension until 2020.

The players and the Pirates have been embroiled in a lengthy battle over compensation for the World Cup-winning team.

The case centers on the Pirates allowing players and coaches to participate at games for the first time during the World Championship, which was held in Canada.

In the case of the Pittsburgh players, the judge found that they did not have the legal right to play in the game and that the players were not entitled to compensation for their participation.

He said the players should be compensated by the Pirates.

The judge also ruled that, despite the players’ legal right, they should be granted a reduction in their salary from $50,000 to $25,000 per year.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, meanwhile, are expected to appeal the ruling, according the Examiner.

The Pirates are scheduled to meet with a Pittsburgh attorney on Wednesday to discuss the appeal.

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