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As the U.S. Supreme Court considers whether to overturn a ruling requiring doctors to get an autopsy to review the cause of death, many doctors and other medical examiners are concerned that the ruling could undermine their ability to do their jobs.

The decision is expected in the next two weeks and will affect a quarter of all medical exameters in the country.

A medical examiner is a doctor or medical technician who investigates the death of a person and the manner of death.

It is the primary way to get a death certificate.

The law requires that doctors and medical examinators who have had at least three full years of experience receive an autopsy.

The issue is now before the Supreme Court, which is hearing arguments over whether to hear arguments on whether a law requiring the coronavirus testing of all doctors and the medical examiner, also known as the medical exam, violates the First Amendment.

The justices are expected to decide whether to strike down the law or leave it in place pending the case.

“It’s not a very popular decision, but I’m optimistic,” said Dr. Charles M. Siegel, an associate professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania.

“The Court will not be the final arbiter, but the court is very sympathetic to physicians, and that’s probably good news for the future.”

The Supreme Court is not the only body to weigh in on the issue.

Last year, the U,S.

Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit struck down a similar law requiring a coronaviruses test for all doctors.

A ruling on whether to take the case could have implications for more than 30,000 doctors and coronaviral-related workers.

A recent report from the Center for Medicare Advocacy, a nonpartisan advocacy group, estimated that there are about 100,000 medical examulators in the U of A and around 10,000 who have more than five years of clinical experience.

Siegel said it is unlikely that any physician will ever be able to retire without having a medical examiner’s autopsy performed, and the issue is particularly important for doctors who have a history of cardiac or pulmonary disease.

“The fact that there’s this issue that we have to get our medical exam under this microscope is something that is very disturbing to the medical profession, and I think it’s a big issue for our profession,” he said.

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