How do medical examiners handle a doctor who has been killed?

In the past week, a doctor from Georgia has died in a suspected suicide, and several other medical examining offices across the country have had problems.

Medical examiners say they are overwhelmed and can’t keep up with the volume of calls and the demand for the work they do.

Some are taking other approaches.

In one case, a medical examiner in Florida has been ordered to stop accepting new cases.

A judge ordered the state to hire new staff to help with the workload.

The attorney general of Illinois has asked a federal judge to stop a doctor in the state from working after the doctor was found dead at a medical examinng office.

In the case of the Georgia doctor, there was no apparent suicide note and no suicide note was found on his body.

The Georgia Medical Examiner’s Office said that a woman called its office on Monday morning and told an employee that she had found her husband dead at home.

She said she found a note in the bed, but it wasn’t clear whether it was a suicide note or not.

A nurse then arrived and found that she was bleeding from the head, and she called 911, the office said.

When the nurse arrived, the woman had died.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety and the state’s attorney general said the Georgia Medical Examining Office is investigating the incident.

A Georgia medical examiner’s office spokeswoman said in a statement that the medical examiner and his assistant, both licensed in Georgia, “are reviewing all available information and will make decisions at the appropriate time.

They are working with the Georgia State Medical Examiner to determine the cause of death.”

The attorney general’s office said that if the Georgia medical examine is unable to find the cause, it will be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

As for the Georgia investigation, the attorney general and the medical examiner said that it will remain open and is “working on it.”

The Georgia medical office also said that the coroner and the investigation team are working together.

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