Woman says she has been physically and sexually abused by her doctor in WA hospital

A woman claims she has suffered repeated sexual and physical abuse from a doctor at a WA hospital.

Key points:The woman claims to have been sexually assaulted by Dr Michael Jones in November last yearThe woman alleges Dr Jones is still treating her at the time of her alleged assaultShe is now suing the WA Department of Health and Human Services over the alleged sexual and domestic abuse she claims was carried out in his care.

Key Points:The WA Government says it will not be making a decision on whether to prosecute Dr Jones until a medical examination is conductedThere are a number of concerns raised by the woman’s lawyer, who has now launched an investigation into the allegationsDr Jones, a GP in the regional regional area of Perth, denies any wrongdoing.

“I have been subjected to a long process by the doctors of Western Australia,” he told the ABC.

“It has been a process of investigation and it has been the process of discovery.”

Dr Jones was first appointed as the Perth GP in September 2016, when Dr Nick Smith took over the role from the retiring Mr Jones.

Dr Jones said his relationship with the woman, who is now aged 23, began at a young age and continued for many years.

“The relationship was very, very stable.

I remember a lot of the times when she came to my office, she was a very pretty, very lovely girl,” he said.”

There were always people coming in and out of the office.”

In that respect, I was always very supportive of her, and I think I was very happy for her to be with me.

“The woman told the WA Parliament in February this year that Dr Jones had repeatedly touched her inappropriately over the past few years, with him having repeatedly tried to have sex with her.”

He’s always been a very nice man.

He’s been a lovely man.

I never felt he was physically abusive to me.

He was very kind and very kind,” she said.

The woman said she has also been subjected not just to sexual assault but also physical abuse.”

One time I was in a room with another GP, when I was about 16 or 17, and a doctor who had been on leave came into the room and sat down on the bed and he had a penis in his hand,” she told the Parliament.”

And I was sitting on the ground and he was touching me, and he said, ‘You know, you look beautiful today, you’re beautiful, don’t you?’

“Dr Jones denied that he had done any such inappropriate touching.”

If it’s not something I did, it’s something else that happened.

But I don’t know,” he explained.”

We just went through this long process.

It’s been over a long time, and this is something I’m not going to talk about.

“She [the woman] is a patient.

She has been treated very well.”

Dr J Jones told the parliament that he was “not at liberty to discuss the specific case”.

This is a very serious matter, and there’s a very important message for the people of Western Australian.””

If you are ever involved in a sexual encounter, I would advise you to immediately seek professional help.”

This is a very serious matter, and there’s a very important message for the people of Western Australian.

“Dr Smith is set to take up the role of the new GP in June and Dr Jones has been asked to step down as the senior GP.

Dr Smith told the BBC he had no idea that his colleague was sexually abusing the woman.”

A lot of things were going on, but I just assumed she was just having a few drinks,” he added.

Dr J Smith said the woman had been sexually abused in his practice before.”

When I first met her I didn’t believe her at first, I thought she was an old nurse or a nurse coming into my office to talk to me about something,” he recalled.”

But I was right.

I was totally shocked and horrified.

“That’s the thing that shocked me, it wasn’t that she was in the wrong.

She was in love with me.

It was just, ‘I’m not sure how I can believe that you’re doing this’.”

Dr Jones told reporters he had received a number and other allegations of sexual assault in the past, but that no complaints had been made to him.

“Some people have asked me if I have ever committed any of these offences.

I’ve never committed any offences, and that’s the way it is,” he continued.”

No, I’ve not.”

Dr Watson, the WA’s deputy health minister, said the State Government would not be looking at whether to pursue Dr Jones for alleged sexual misconduct.

“These matters are being investigated by the WA State Government and we will be making no further comment until the investigation is completed,” he wrote on Twitter.”WA

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