Why do Chinese examiners need Chinese?

Chinese examining systems in China have long been seen as antiquated, with a lack of technology and access to the local language being major barriers.

But a new report claims that China is slowly replacing these systems with a more modern version.

The report, written by a Chinese company, the Forensic Intelligence Laboratory, is calling for a new generation of Chinese exam scoring systems to better integrate the local culture.

The Chinese government has a long history of investing heavily in technology, including the country’s National Technology Strategy in 2011.

This included the purchase of the Chinese equivalent of the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Joint Capabilities Office (JCO) to develop the JCO system for Chinese exam and other tests in 2014.

In addition to developing the JCo, China has also invested heavily in an exam scoring system called the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Qualification Program (QPP), which aims to train Chinese exam takers to become better examiners, according to the report.

The QPP aims to replace China’s current exam system, the General Public Test, with one that is more open and user-friendly, and is supposed to have more practical applications for China’s exam taker.

This system will also help improve the accuracy of Chinese exams.

The report, published by the Forensic Investigation Laboratory, also says that Chinese exam-takers are being encouraged to use new technologies in their exams.

This includes the use of “deep learning” techniques that are designed to improve the quality of Chinese language learning.

The authors of the report say that deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence that helps computers process text to understand and interpret language.

China has been working to improve its system for conducting international exams for years, but the Chinese government also recently rolled out a new set of exams for foreign students in 2020, according the report, which is scheduled to be released this month.

It’s unclear whether the new system will include a system for exam takings in the local dialects.

According to the document, the PLA Qualification Project is already looking to develop a system that can be used in China.

The PLA Qualifying Program is a project within the PLA General Staff Department.

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