Why Cambridge International Examinations doesn’t allow you to test your results

A former Cambridge International examinations exam taker has written to the government to complain that her former employer doesn’t give her the right to test her results.

The Cambridge International exam takers’ union says its members have been left to “live with the consequences” of their failure to give her a fair go.

Cambridge International examiners failed to give the former Cambridge exam tester the right of way to test a final result in a Cambridge International examination, a union official has said.

A former Cambridge international exam tacker has written a letter to the Government asking that she be given the right for a fair and impartial exam.

“I am a Cambridge international examiner who was a part of a team that was involved in taking the final exam in 2014,” a member of the exam tasters union told the BBC.

“Cambridge international exams are very important to me as an examiner, and I have not been able to access the exam results for more than four years.

We were given a fair chance to present our work and we were given the opportunity to present what we did for the exam, but when we went into the final examination we were not given the chance to make our findings and present them.

I would like to see a fair, impartial exam which is held at the same time as the final results and the final examiner.

In this case, I have been asked to submit my results and my work and I can only say that I have submitted my results in order to be able to present them.”

Cambridge’s examiners union is currently negotiating a new contract with the company which operates the exams, the National Centre for Examinational Quality.

CERQQ is one of three exam providers for the exams.

It’s understood that exam taster Jill Smith is preparing to return to the exams as soon as she’s satisfied she’s qualified.

However, she says she was told by exam testers that the exams would be cancelled if they failed to pass the exam.

“I was told that it would be a result of our failure, and it would not be a test, it would have no results,” she said.

“There was no time for that to happen.

I was not given a chance to explain that it wasn’t fair to me.

As a result, I feel like the whole experience has been unfair.”

The exam tapers union said it was concerned that the contract with CERQ is still in place.

If the company is able to get out of the contract and get out from under the exams’ licence, it will be the second time it has been cancelled for a year.

Under the new contract, exam turers will have to present their work and results to the company every two weeks.

The company declined to comment on the union’s letter, but said in a statement that the company was currently working with exam tchers.

“We are working closely with examiners, including Jill Smith, to ensure that we comply with the law, ensuring that the outcome of each exam is as fair and accurate as possible and that our exams are held to the highest standards,” the statement said. 

“This includes the provision of the final report and other documentation as required by law.”

The company has previously told the ABC that it does not discriminate against applicants.

But it said it is working with the examiners to ensure they receive fair and proper treatment.

One of the other exam tappers, Laura Smith, said that the problems had been “deeply upsetting” and that her exam was “not going to be held up by any of these people”.

“It’s a terrible thing that it’s not being looked at in the right way,” she told the Radio National program.

“There’s no excuse for it not to be done.”

Ms Smith said the union should have consulted with exam boards in other countries.

“If I could do my own exam in another country, I would do it,” she added.

“It would be far more difficult to get a fair outcome in a country like that.”

The new contract is due to expire on October 31.

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