What the Bible Says About Watchtower Examinations

Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of America (WTBSA) president Jerry Falwell Jr. issued a statement on Friday to clarify the Bible’s definition of an examination.

Watchtower officials released the following statement on Thursday, February 3, 2017: “We use the term ‘examiner’ to describe an individual who is trained to conduct a medical examination, which includes examining a person for a variety of diseases, injuries and conditions.”

Watchtower’s definition, according to the Associated Press, states that the “examiner” is a physician or physician assistant who performs an examination on behalf of the church.

The definition goes on to say that the examination is not only for “medical and medical related matters.”

Watch Tower officials also clarified the definition of the term “medical examination” as follows: “An examination is a medical exam that is conducted in accordance with the Bible Medical Examiners Handbook and other standards that are set by the church.”

The Watchtower also noted that “examiners are not religious doctors.”

The AP also reported that the medical examiner’s office “is not affiliated with the Watchtower.”

Falwell also spoke to reporters on Friday, saying that the definition “is very broad.”

Watch the latest videos at video.foxnews.com/video/video-news/movies/watchtower-medical-examiner-definition/1.9457510 Watchtower Medical Examination Definition: “Examination is a Medical Exam that is Conducted in accordance With The Bible Medical Examiners Handbook and Other Standards That are Set by The Church” https://t.co/Yz2l4dZ5Wg — Watchtower (@Watchtower) February 3 the 3:50 p.m.

ET deadline to register to vote in the state of Iowa, the first day of early voting.

Watch Tower’s medical examiner said that the new definition of medical examiners is “very broad.”

The official statement also said that “the medical examiner is not affiliated” with Watchtower.

Watch tower’s statement on its website stated that the WTBSA “is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, registered to vote, and registered to hold office in the United States of America, a country of 1.9 billion people.

Its primary purpose is to disseminate accurate and up-to-date information to the world on religion, ethics, the Bible and related topics.”

Watch tower is the nation’s largest Christian organization.

The organization has over 10,000 employees, according the AP.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Watchtower Statement on Medical Exams and Examination https://twitter.com/#!/jesse_f_flynn/status/98786823189969008 WATCH THE PHOTOS: Watch Tower Medical Examiner’s Statement on the Exams Definition https://www.facebook.com/_wtfa/posts/1328781805168820/ WATCH THE STATEMENT FROM THE AP: Watchtowers medical examiner says bible medical exam is not religious https://rt.com/?newsid=7698939

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