Watch: The new digital forensic examiner

You may have heard of digital forensic examination, but do you know what the process is and how it works?

Well, you should because it is an extremely interesting and powerful tool that can be used by investigators and law enforcement to determine the authenticity of evidence in a variety of ways.

This week, the Digital Forensic Examiner Association will be giving away a new digital forensics exam to help educate investigators and examiners about digital forensically examining evidence.

In a nutshell, digital forensic examiners use specialized software to analyze and extract information from physical evidence.

This can include physical evidence, digital evidence, and even images.

The examiners will then use these extracted information to create a report that they can then send to the defense or the judge.

Here are some of the basics of digital forensic examination:The examiners must have a high school diploma or GED, have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or have a Masters in Forensic Science or a certificate from an accredited university.

This means that they must have either the time to spend studying or a bachelor degree in their field.

Digital forensic examers are not the only ones who use digital forensic examinations.

There are some other types of examiners who are licensed to use digital forennsics.

One such person is the Forensic Imaging Examiner, or FIE.

This person is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the evidence that has been seized from the scene.

If the examiner’s findings indicate that evidence is counterfeit or is missing, they can take the evidence and send it back to the court to see if the case can be tested.

In addition to reviewing physical evidence that is being analyzed, digital forenisologists can also test for fingerprints, DNA, and other physical evidence in order to determine whether or not the person being examined was the person who committed the crime.

Digital forensics is not the first tool that digital forensic experts have used.

The FBI, for instance, has been using digital forenoscripts for years to help investigators identify suspects and to provide more detailed information about crimes that have occurred.

This has led to a decrease in the number of unsolved crimes.

In fact, in 2014, the FBI reported that the number was down more than 15 percent.

This decrease has also been attributed to the use of digital evidence and digital foresources in court.

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