‘Mystery’ of ‘cough’ was ‘exaggerated’

A mystery about the alleged presence of an unidentified cough drug in a man’s stool has prompted a new coronavirus investigation in Canada.

The coronaviruses coronaviral agent (COVID-19) was discovered in the stool of a man in Winnipeg on Friday, and a coronaviolacal swab was sent to the Royal Winnipeg Hospital in Canada for testing.

The results of the tests came back on Saturday and were shared with the medical examiner’s office in Winnipeg, where they will be sent to coronavirepts for further analysis.

“It was quite a surprise,” said Dr. Michael Smith, the chief medical examiner in Winnipeg.

“The lab was expecting to see that, so I’m sure they are very interested in it.”

“It is a very unusual circumstance, and certainly very exciting,” he said.

The man, who is in his 60s, has been hospitalized with symptoms that include fatigue, a fever, cough, and some weakness.

He is currently being monitored by a nurse practitioner and has not been released from the hospital.

There was no indication that the man had been exposed to the virus in the past, and there is no evidence that he had been vaccinated.

However, he was diagnosed with COVID-20 at the same time as the first person who developed symptoms, and the virus is known to be present in the saliva of some people with COID-19.

“The symptoms are very similar to the symptoms that were seen in the first case, but they’re quite different,” Smith said.

“I can’t say with certainty if the two cases are related, but we do know that there is an unusual pattern of symptoms in these two cases.”

According to the WHO, about 1.8 million people worldwide are infected with COFFECHE, and nearly 800,000 are in the United States.

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