Man dies of injuries suffered during exam

Anankasi Rajagopal, 38, died on December 16 after suffering serious injuries during a test at the Rajagalingam Hospital in the city of Agartala.

His family members said Rajagal, a software developer, had taken a test to check if he could complete his MBA course.

His mother, Gaurav, said his father had taken the exam three years ago.

Rajagal’s mother, Anil, said the family had been assured that his condition was stable.

He was admitted to the hospital on December 14, the family said.

Raja said his son had taken exams three years back.

“I am deeply saddened and very angry at what happened,” he said.

“It is a sad and unfortunate incident.

We are not going to bury my son till his parents and doctors have given him the best possible care.”

The State Government has ordered an inquiry.

The Department of Medical Education and Research (DMEER) said it was looking into the case.

“We are trying to ascertain the cause of the incident,” said an official.

“The matter will be forwarded to the DMEER department for a detailed report.

We have already sent the relevant documentation to the department,” the official said.”

The DMEer is looking into it,” said a medical college official.

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