How to use Google and Twitter to keep your eyes on the world

How do you keep an eye on the news, but not lose track of what you’re reading?

The answer lies in your social media account.

If you don’t have one, you’re bound to miss out on the latest news, tweets, and stories, so now is the perfect time to add a social media presence.

But don’t worry, the first step to doing this is to set up your own account.

This is a great opportunity to get your social news and engagement out there.

This post will walk you through how to setup an account and get started.

Here are the basic steps: Choose your domain.

It’s important to choose a domain name that is unique and unique only for you.

If not, you can always get creative.

Make sure you pick the correct domain name for your company and the right one for your social accounts.

If your company uses social accounts for internal communication, you’ll need to create a separate social account for that purpose.

Sign up for Twitter.

Twitter offers you the ability to sign up for a free account and then use it to manage your Twitter feed.

Sign in to your account and follow the instructions to set it up.

Click the Sign In button on the top right of your Twitter dashboard.

Sign out of your account.

You can then follow a set of instructions to log in to the account.

Click Sign In again to sign back in.

Signing in is easy.

Click Log In and select your social account and click Sign In.

You should see the account in your Twitter account.

Follow the instructions for creating a new Twitter account to set one up.

Follow your friends.

Twitter allows you to follow friends that have already set up an account.

It can also be a good idea to add the people who follow you to your follow list.

The more people who you follow, the better your chances of getting new stories, tweets and posts.

Add more followers.

You might also want to add people to your friends list.

Add your friends to your Twitter follow list by signing in to their accounts.

When you’re done adding your friends, click the Add Friends button.

Follow people in your account’s news feed.

If they’ve already set a social account, they can also add their followers by clicking the Follow button on your account page.

You’ll be directed to the friends list for your account, which allows you more control over your friends’ followers.

Follow other people in the same space.

You don’t need to set an account to follow people you follow on Twitter.

Just follow other people who have similar interests to yours.

Add a hashtag.

You may also want a hashtag to accompany your social activity, or tag someone to follow them.

This may seem obvious, but the more hashtags people have associated with your content, the more likely you are to see your posts.

The best way to do this is with a hashtag on your social network page.

For example, to follow @applepeople, you might use the #applepeople hashtag.

If Apple is one of your friends and you want to follow their account, click on the icon in the upper right of the account page to add it.

If there’s no hashtag, add one by using the Follow icon in your top right corner of your news feed and clicking the Add hashtag button.

When someone follows you on Twitter, you will get a pop-up window telling you to add that person to your Follow list.

When they do, they’ll see their followers and your post will appear in their feed.

This will make it easy to share your content.

Check the status of your tweets.

Twitter automatically updates your tweets every 30 minutes.

If someone follows and retweets your tweet, they will see your latest tweets in their news feed, along with the tweet you just retweeted.

Twitter will also give you a notification if your tweet gets more than 500 retweeters.

When your account is up and running, you may want to use it for other things.

If people you know follow you on Instagram or Twitter, they may want a personal Instagram or Tweets page.

If other people follow you, you want your account to be visible to your followers on social media.

You also want your posts to be seen by people you want them to follow.

The good news is that you can use your account for these purposes.

To add a personal account to Twitter, follow the steps in the following steps to set your own personal account up.

If Twitter isn’t enough, you could use a third-party social media platform.

Here’s a quick guide on how to add an account on Twitter: Sign up with your company.

If possible, you should use your company name and not your domain name.

For Google, the domain name is your company’s name.

You could also use the domain to connect your account with Google+.

Twitter has a lot of options for how to set this up, including using your company account to sign in to Google+.

Add a personal Twitter handle.

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