Death certificates ‘dismissed’ as fake, court rules

A man has been found guilty of murdering his wife and four children in an attack that was believed to be staged.

A judge found the defendant guilty of murder in the case of a man who was found dead at his home in Walthamstow on December 30, 2016.

The defendant’s brother-in-law was jailed for eight years for the crime, and the court heard the family had a feud with their landlord and had been living in the house since they were children.

The court heard Mr Davenport, who is also the son of the deceased man, had tried to kill himself several times before the attack.

But the judge ruled the victim was not killed by suicide and had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

He found Mr Darnport guilty of the murder of his wife, Rebecca Davenports, and four of their children in their home.

In his guilty verdict, Judge Philip Thomas said there was no evidence the defendant had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The judge also said the defendant could not have been found lying in a pool of blood on the front steps of their home with a gun pointed at them.

The man had allegedly been in the process of cutting his wife’s throat before he was discovered lying in the yard, the court was told.

Mr Davenpours, a father of three, had also previously been convicted of causing grievous bodily harm to a person and robbery.

He had pleaded not guilty to murder in a trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

Judge Thomas said the victim had been taken to hospital in a serious but stable condition and he had a long history of mental health problems.

He described the defendant as a “loyal and devoted husband”, adding that the family was devastated by the tragedy.

He said the death of the victim and the other children was a “travesty on a family who have struggled with depression and anxiety issues”.

The court also heard that the defendant’s wife had suffered depression for several years and had tried unsuccessfully to kill herself.

He was also facing charges of possessing and making a firearm with intent to cause death by careless handling.

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