‘Bomber’ was a ‘bizarre and dangerous man’ – BBC News

The man who was dubbed the “bomber” of the Glasgow airport has died.

The man was born in Glasgow but spent a decade in the US before becoming a naturalised British citizen in 2003.

The 43-year-old was the subject of an investigation into a bombing at the Glasgow Airport in 1989.

He was also the subject to a long-running criminal investigation in the United States and was jailed in 2009 for conspiracy to commit arson and arson with intent to commit a crime.

The FBI has said he had a “deep-rooted” hatred for Britain and his motivation for carrying out the attack was to “defame and vilify” the country.

“He wanted to do it because he believed the UK government was run by unelected bureaucrats and corrupt politicians,” Scotland Yard said.

“At the time he carried out the bombing, he believed he would be able to destroy the British Government.”

The man who is thought to have carried out a bomb at Glasgow airport in 1989 is seen in a mugshot from the US in this handout picture released by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Reuters:Associated Press

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