Medical examiner mns examiners could soon receive access to the latest digital forensic evidence without a background check

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into whether medical examiners, coronavirus coronaviruses experts and others could receive access via the government’s National Background Check System, according to people familiar with the matter.

The federal government requires those involved in criminal investigations to undergo an examination and submit a report detailing any criminal convictions that occurred within a two-year period.

The FBI has asked state attorneys general to open investigations into whether any examiners may receive such access, and the National Background Checks System was designed to ensure that examiners had an appropriate background check to determine whether they were eligible to practice.

The bureau is also probing whether examiners in states such as Connecticut and Massachusetts were using the system improperly.

The process is designed to prevent the public from inadvertently being identified as having a criminal record.

A spokesman for the Justice Department did not respond to a request for comment.

The bureau is currently reviewing the issue and has requested that states submit data on examiners and how they obtained their licenses.

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