How to test a VIRGINIA miracle examiner’s miracle

TechRadars article vatican miracles examiner vatican miraculous examiner vp vp_joseph_papal_instructor_on_the_rise.jpg vatican_miracle_examiner_is_losing_his_job_and_loses_his/ vaticanmiracle-examiner-is-losing-his-job_june_28_2018.jpg Pope Francis has called on the Vatican’s miracle examiner to return to work as soon as possible.

The official said he wants to “make a contribution” in his role as the “most distinguished expert in the Church” after the Pope appointed the man as a new assistant to oversee the Vatican in 2017.

The new hire, Francis said in a video released Thursday, has been “an invaluable part of the Church’s efforts to restore public trust and public confidence in the institution of the Mass.”

He also expressed confidence that the new examiner “will remain an effective witness to the faith.” https://www

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