How to diagnose a drowning accident in the UK

A drowning accident is when a person is pulled from their vehicle and the vehicle is submerged.

In the UK, the safest method of identifying drowning accidents is to ask the person’s neighbours if they saw the person, or if the person is still alive.

The person should be wearing a life vest and wearing a breathing apparatus.

If you see the person with a life vests, they’re safe to go into the vehicle and get out.

If not, they should be taken to hospital.

The safest way to check if a drowning is being recorded is to see if the air pressure is lower than normal and you can see the breath.

If it is, the person has drowned and is not breathing normally.

You can also take a picture of the person or their clothes to be checked if you think they’re dead.

If there is any doubt, or you think it’s a drowning, call 999 or 112.

If the person died and there are no signs of trauma to the body, it is probably a drowning.

You should go to hospital immediately.

If the person was found by the roadside, you should also go to the scene of the accident.

If a person died after they were taken to the hospital, they may have drowned before they were resuscitated.

In a drowning crash, the only thing that can help you is a life-saving breathing apparatus and life vails.

If there are signs of life but you can’t be certain, ask a friend or family member.

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