Why does Florida bar examining board still allow judges to cross-examine a witness

Updated March 27, 2019 07:48:50Florida bar examinees, the state’s primary body that investigates misconduct, continue to allow judges and other attorneys to ask questions of witnesses.

The decision is an indication that the panel will not be making any changes to its system of reviewing witnesses in the future.

Last year, the board voted to allow all judges to question witnesses.

However, the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision overturning the board’s decision to allow attorneys to cross examine a witness and to have a judge question them about it.

In the majority opinion, the justices wrote that the Florida Bar Association did not have authority to authorize a panel of judges to review a witness.

The Florida Supreme court decision overturned the board in 2018, ruling that the bar association did not possess the authority to “interfere in a judicial proceeding.”

It also said that the board could not mandate that a judge be allowed to question a witness because a court has no power to “restrict the right to cross examination of a witness.”

The Supreme Court also said in its ruling that it “does not hold that the practice of allowing attorneys to question witness witnesses without a judge present would be constitutional.”

The ruling was issued in response to a lawsuit filed by attorneys who wanted the state bar to stop the practice.

The board will continue to be able to allow questions to be asked of witnesses and will allow judges the ability to ask the same questions of attorneys, attorney Richard Kocher, a spokesman for the board, told the Associated Press.

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