Which team is the best in Europe?

FIFA rankings show three teams have an edge over the rest of Europe at the top of the table: Juventus, Arsenal and Barcelona.

The three European sides also sit at the summit of the world’s football power rankings, which is where the top three are ranked.

The Italian champions, Juventus, have the highest percentage of their league games won by home advantage and are also the most successful.

Barca, the Spanish champions, have won the most of their Champions League games in recent years and have been among the most impressive teams in the competition.

In fact, Barcelona have won nine out of their last 11 games against the likes of Real Madrid, Juventus and Bayern Munich, which means they are the only team in the top six to have a win against every team in Europe.

In the UEFA Champions League, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid are the two teams that have beaten Juventus, Barca and Bayern.

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