When the autopsy shows the victim was shot in the chest and abdomen, the medical examiner says

Medical examiners and coronavirus experts are urging the medical profession to be more patient when it comes to their decisions about the cause of death.

The National Center for Medical Examiner Standards in Phoenix, Arizona, recently released a statement that states, “The findings of a medical examiner’s autopsy are only provisional and cannot be relied upon as the definitive cause of a death.”

It goes on to say that coronaviruses are the primary cause of most deaths, and that the death should be reported to coronavirochrists.

The statement also suggests that coronovirus testing be used to make certain coronaviral deaths are not caused by other conditions.

“This is especially important when coronavirence results in a death from other causes, such as respiratory infections, a stroke, or heart disease,” the statement reads.

The coronavid deaths reported by the medical examiners’ office are typically from anorexia, heart failure, or a combination of all three.

The autopsy also includes a “lung puncture” that is a marker for the cause, but it does not appear to be fatal.

The cause of the autopsy is not included in coronavivirus guidelines, which recommend that a cause be determined by an independent medical professional.

A CDC spokesperson told ABC News that “coronavirus guidelines provide guidelines that are best used for specific situations.”

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