Medical examiner in Washington, DC, questions rape accuser

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price was asked about the investigation into a Washington medical examiner’s decision to question a woman about the rape of her boyfriend.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, Price said that the FBI had requested the examination and that the Department of Health and Welfare had received the findings.

He said he was “very pleased with the result.”

“We’ve had a lot of information about this, and we’re looking forward to reviewing it,” Price said.

The Washington Post first reported that the medical examiner in the county had made the investigation after a sexual assault allegation.

The examination was carried out in the Washington city of Spokane.

The examination was conducted by Dr. John Odom, a former chief medical examiner and former deputy chief medical officer at the Washington State Department of Labor.

The woman who said she was assaulted by Odom in June 2018 has been identified by The Washington Post as 23-year-old Alexandria S. Johnson.

Johnson said she went to Odom’s office with her then-boyfriend to ask him to help her get into a car after an argument.

Johnson said she said she thought she was going to get into trouble for asking for help.

Odom told her that she was a victim and that he believed she was telling the truth.

Johnson’s attorney, John C. Williams, told the Washington Post that Johnson’s attorney had filed a complaint against Odom with the police department in March, but that he had not heard back from the police and the department had not completed its investigation.

Johnson and her lawyer are suing the Washington Medical Examiner’s Office, saying that Odom violated the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

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