‘I think this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen’: Examine clip art

EXAMINE CLIP ART is a quiz show about what you see in a clip art drawing.

If you are familiar with this quiz show, you might remember it being featured in the season 2 episode “Locked and Loaded” where the producers were asked to do an analysis of a clipart puzzle.

This episode of the show, titled “Clip Art Analysis”, was very funny and very insightful.

Here is what we found out.

“Examine Clip Art Analysis” featured an Examine Clipart puzzle that included a piece of artwork that included the phrase “Clips are Not Enough” in red and a “Clipping” icon in white.

If the icon was in the correct position, the puzzle would unlock and reveal the answer.

As you can see, the answer was in a red box with an icon in the upper left corner that said “Examines Clip Art”.

So this is a clip artist puzzle!

But that’s not all, the show also included an Examines Crossword clue in red that said, “Clipped from a clip, it looks like a crossword.”

The answer was a red circle in a black background that said the word “Crossword”.

This is a cross word puzzle!

If the answer is in the right position, it will unlock and show the answer to the question.

As with any puzzle, the “Examining” icon on the crossword puzzle would show you how to solve the puzzle.

If there was no answer, it would show a red arrow.

So this was a puzzle that asked you to solve a puzzle.

What was the answer?

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