How to spot an aviation medical examiner

An aviation medical examination is a medical examination performed on an aircraft and includes a thorough physical examination, a complete blood test, a medical history and a physical examination of the aircrew who performed the examination.

An examination of a pilot is also required.

A pilot is required to fly the aircraft with a medical certificate.

A medical certificate is required for the aircraft to fly in international airspace.

If a pilot has an injury or condition that makes it impossible to fly safely, the pilot may require a medical check-up.

The airline must ensure that a medical report is provided to the airline and the airline must provide a copy to the pilot and the flight crew.

If the medical report reveals that a pilot’s condition is serious, the airline may ask the pilot to submit to a medical interview.

The medical report may also include an assessment of the pilot’s ability to fly, and whether the pilot is able to perform the duties of a medical officer.

A report of the medical check may include an indication of the severity of the injury, the cause of the condition and the medical examiner’s recommendations.

The report must also identify whether the person performing the medical examination was licensed in Australia, and include any other relevant information.

If medical evidence indicates that a person is unable to fly with or without the medical certificate, the medical officer may require the person to provide evidence of this.

If no medical certificate has been issued, the person must provide the airline with a copy of the certificate.

The certificate is valid for the duration of the person’s medical certificate and can be renewed every two years.

The health officer will assess whether the medical evidence is consistent with a claim for compensation for loss or damage to the person or property, and may require medical evidence of the damage to be recorded.

The aircraft’s certificate must also be renewed annually.

The person must have a valid medical certificate that contains the appropriate number of pages.

A doctor may also provide evidence if they believe there is a risk of the health of the individual to the aircraft or aircraft equipment, and the person may also submit a written explanation of their belief.

A written statement of the reason for the belief may be provided by a doctor.

The pilot’s medical report should contain details of the aircraft’s medical history, and details of any adverse events, such as the occurrence of an illness, illness or injury.

A letter from the doctor is not required.

The flight crew must ensure the medical document is complete, and they must keep it confidential.

A person can be disqualified from flying if they fail to comply with the requirements of a health certificate, or if the person fails to comply, the aircraft will be grounded for at least two years, with a penalty of a maximum of $300.

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