How to make a polygraph lie look fake

How to create a fake polygraph question and answer sheet: This article explains how to create fake polygrapher questions and answers, which can be used to trick polygraph examiners.

This article also explains how polygraph examiner polygraph questions and answer sheets are created.

In this article, you’ll learn how to prepare polygraph interview questions and how to apply the techniques in this article to your own interview questions.

The polygraph is a tool that allows you to determine if someone has committed a crime.

You can use the polygraph to determine whether or not someone is lying or otherwise deceptive when they answer questions about their own behavior.

You use the results of the polygrapheme to determine guilt or innocence.

You’ll need to understand the following three topics:1.

How to construct a polygraphetquestion: This is the most important part of the entire polygraph process.

It’s the most time consuming part of your polygraph preparation.

But, if you follow these steps, you should be able to construct this question in about 15 minutes.

The key is to find the correct question that fits your polygraphing style.

You may use this technique to construct questions that are more difficult for polygraphers to answer, such as the polygramed question:Who has ever been charged with or convicted of a crime?

What is the crime that the person committed?2.

How the question is presented: You’ll find this section of the question answer sheet on the right-hand side of the screen.

It should look like this:Q: What is the name of the defendant or defendants?

A: The defendantQ: Is this the first time that you have seen the defendant?

A.: Yes, this is the first caseQ: Did the defendant give you a false name?


Yes, he didQ: Are you aware that the defendant has a prior conviction?

A, Yes, the defendant had a prior felonyQ: Does the defendant have any previous convictions?

A not, not yet, noQ: How many of you are there?

A and you, all of usQ: Which defendant do you know?

A that oneQ: When did you first come to see him?

A sometime last year, a while agoQ: Who are the witnesses that you met?

A the three men who were with you at the time of the crime, the three women that were there at the crime and the three witnesses that came to the crime sceneQ: Have you seen any of these people?

A yes, we have seen themQ: Do you know where the body is?

A somewhereQ: Has anybody seen the body?

A noQ.

Are you familiar with the location of the body, the location where it was found?

A Yes, we areQ: Were any of you at any time injured?

A No, not that we know ofQ: If you had any of your hands, what were they?

A a pair of scissorsQ: I have some questions for you.

How many questions do you think you need?

A 5-10Q: You have a question for me?

A few questionsQ: Okay, I have a couple more questions.

How do you respond to these questions?

A A couple more Q: Do any of the men in your group have any tattoos?

A tattoosQ: And if so, how long have they been there?

Q: Why did they get tattoos?

A, because they liked the tattoosQ.

Do you have any other tattoos?

Q A fewQ: A few weeks ago, did you know that the crime was committed?

A about a month agoQ.

What time was the crime committed?

A about 1 month ago Q. When did the crime happen?

A last weekQ.

Did you see anyone with a tattoo?

A maybe two days agoQ.: Have you noticed any unusual behavior that you noticed?

A I noticed that they looked different, they were tallerQ.: Are you wearing any clothing that you don’t normally wear?

A yeah, I wear the same clothes as everybody elseQ.: You did not notice any tattoos in the back of your pants or in your shirt?

A they didn’t have anyQ: Now you see it, what are you thinking?

A If you notice anything else that is different, please let me knowQ: Then, how many questions are left?

A oneQ.: How many have you seen before?

A fourQ.: What is your opinion on the other person’s behavior?

A noneQ.: Do you see any signs of physical injury on any of them?

A someQ.: If you are not sure about the answers to any of those questions, please leave them blank.

Q: Your question is over.

Please answer all the questions correctly.

You have been asked a number of questions, and you have to make your own conclusions.

If you have an incorrect answer, please call the number above and ask for the correct answer.

The answer to your question

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