B.C. government to investigate $1.5 billion in fraud allegations, court hears

The B. C. government is launching an investigation into $1,5 billion worth of alleged fraud related to B.c.

Hydro’s B.E.T.

E program, a court has heard.

In its submission to a B. Comptroller’s inquiry into the program, the B. c. government says it will look at the amount of fraud alleged by the BCA’s audit office and its findings.

B.C.’s Auditor General has opened an investigation to see if B. comptroller’s office errors were committed, which is part of the audit.

As well, the government says the auditor will review its financial reports and conduct a review of the BEC’s audit.


Comptroller’s spokesman Steve Schatz told CBC News he could not immediately comment on the inquiry.

A statement from B.comptroller’s assistant auditor general Doug Gannon said the audit office will also look at a number of issues, including the BAC’s audit of the program and its financial reporting.

“As part of this review, the auditor is looking at any audit issues related to the BERC program, including whether there were any deficiencies identified,” the statement said.

Gannon said there was “no evidence” to support any errors in B.BC.’s Hydro’s program and “no indication” that B. ca. hydro has engaged in fraud.

But in his written submission to the inquiry, the chief auditor of B. Ca.

Hydro, Greg Schuman, said there is “no doubt” the province’s program has not been a success.

The B.ca.

Hydro program is a private enterprise, he said, and B.CA.

Hydro is “a highly successful public sector entity,” and the province is “investing in its future,” but it has also been plagued by a backlog of applications.

Schuman also noted that while the program has been “thoroughly and appropriately audited,” the auditor general’s office has found “several areas of non-compliance” with the program.

With files from The Canadian Press and CTV Vancouver’s Matt Gagnon.

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