What you need to know about the latest controversy involving the Oklahoma medical examiner

The latest controversy over a former Oklahoma medical examiners salary is causing a bit of a stir, with some claiming the state is violating the Constitution by paying the man who was awarded the job for $1.4 million.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in January that former Oklahoma State Medical Examiner, Dr. Mike Davis, who retired last year, was the only person who qualified for the job in the state of Oklahoma.

But a year later, the Oklahoma Legislature voted to remove Davis from his job.

Davis’ attorney argued in court filings that the Legislature acted out of an “apprehension that Dr. Davis did not provide adequate evidence for the claims made in the lawsuits against him.”

He also pointed to an Oklahoma Supreme court ruling that he was paid less than $1 million a year as evidence of the discrimination against him.

The issue of the salary controversy arose during Davis’ confirmation hearing in December 2016.

The Senate Judiciary Committee was investigating the medical examiner’s salary, and after hearing testimony, they unanimously approved the appointment of Davis to the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Board of Trustees.

The committee also approved the award of the $1,400 annual salary Davis received from the state, which was nearly $400,000 more than the salary he was receiving before his termination.

In December, Davis’ lawyer submitted an affidavit to the Senate Judiciary committee that argued that Davis was not paid any less than the other candidates for the position.

The Senate Judiciary hearing was held to hear the testimony of former Oklahoma City police officer, Jason Clark, who had testified that Davis had a history of sexual misconduct.

Clark also said that Davis’ behavior towards him had become a distraction for the two of them.

The committee ultimately ruled in favor of Davis, finding he was qualified to perform the duties of the position, but that the medical examiner was not qualified to do so.

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